Auburn Hills,
Sq Ft:

This 55,000 square foot contemporary/industrial office was designed to reflect the corporate brand and culture of the company, melding unique working spaces with residential components. The front of the office provides a warm introduction to the building, highlighted by industrial lighting and magnificent walnut planks. Each work area is designed to make the most of the usable space, from private executive offices to open areas with multiple desks, each customized to reflect their purpose and most are bathed in natural light. While the office space is expansive, unique felt “curtains” are used to provide privacy and “seal off” certain areas. Not only does the design include both casual and formal meeting spaces, there are also varied and well-appointed amenities for all employees to enjoy: multiple living room settings that include comfortable seating, a pool table, a foosball table, a beer dispenser, coffee bar and kitchen facilities. This office combines the functionality necessary for the creative process and highlights GPJ’s style, success and products.